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Who will be shooting my wedding?

Me, Eric! Unless specified otherwise in contract. I will be shooting on the wedding day! Head over to our about section and get to know me!

What kind of equipment do you use?
We use Canon R6 bodies for stills and Sony and Blackmagic  for video. I've got almost all camera accessories imaginable and I always have double gear, always. 

Do you have business insurance?


How many photos will I receive?

I like to say on average, about 100 edited photos per hour worked, but all photo sessions are different. Send us an email and we'll send over our packages!

What's your turn around time for weddings?
Typically 6-8 weeks for photos and which are uploaded to a digital album site. Videos take around 9-10 weeks because video editing is a big deal!

How do I book you?

All bookings are done online via

e-contract. I require a 30% retainer once the contract is signed and I accept all forms of payment. 

Do you work off shot lists?
While shot lists are really helpful, a wedding day is an event and events don't always go according to plan no matter how much planning goes into it so I can't always get every shot. Don't worry, I really take pride in making your experience working with me the best possible and leaving you with a work of art that will last you forever.

Can you describe your editing style?

earthy tones with a sense of moody, romantic adventure.

Do you backup your photos and videos?

You bet I do. I back up everything 5 times over so your files are safe.

Can you describe your shooting style?
Photojournalistic, but I do give a good amount of direction. I often say, don't think in terms of poses, think in terms of moments. I'll place my couples into a certain "pose", but get them to do things to draw out real authentic moments (in other words, candid). I do like a good artistic shot from time to time and don't worry, we'll get that one shot for grandma's fireplace mantle.

"I'm awkward as heck and nervous to be in front of a camera."

Don't worry, I've got you. The more awkward the better! We'll laugh about it, I'll make dad jokes and we might just become friends. Typical male response after shoots, "Wow, that was fun. Didn't think I would have so much fun".

Do you have your own studio?

I have a home studio for headshots, but if you want a large format there's a lot of rental spots these days. If you're looking for a killer spot to shoot, drop me a line!

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