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Bree & Drew | A Wedding at the Cabo Surf Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Bree and Drew's wedding at the Cabo Surf Hotel was an amazing memory I will never forget. Despite the humidity levels causing my wedding attire to become unholy, it was nothing but good vibes. The dynamic between Drew & Bree's family was really special to document. The ceremony had that perfect mix of emotional and hilarious moments, you know, the kind that makes even the stoic uncle crack a smile.

Now, let's talk about the rave, I mean wedding reception. I've seen some pretty lively parties in my time, but this one took feral to another level. The energy was off the charts, and it took maybe 10 minutes before everyone's shirts ended up hanging from the lights. And the music? Let's just say DJ Alex knew how to keep the everyone in another dimension. Nothing but bangers.

All in all, despite the heat making us all look like we just finished a marathon, it was one heck of a celebration. Bree and Drew's love for each other was amazing to document.


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