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Maricela & Ted | An Engagement Session in Silverado Canyon, CA

Stepping into Maricela and Ted's love story, we ventured into nature's embrace in Silverado Canyon, CA for their engagement session. Nature had bestowed upon us several days of rain, transforming the landscape into a lush backdrop of greenery. The landscape provided the perfect backdrop for this couple's love story, infusing it with an ethereal and moody ambiance.

As we explored the winding paths and open views of Silverado Canyon, the cloudy sky cast a gentle filter, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and romance. Maricela and Ted embraced the weather with open hearts, allowing the misty air and soft light to enhance the authenticity of their connection. Against this magical backdrop, I was privileged to document the unique and tender moments that unfolded between them. The weather may have added an unexpected twist, but it only served to enrich their love story, creating a narrative that is as beautiful as it is genuine.


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